Guest Blogger Fiber Artist and Author, Cyndi Sauder, and the Legacy Quilt

Fiber Artist  Cyndi Sauder, Her Legacy in Quilts, and a Slow Stitching Journey:   Slow Stitching and My Legacy Quilts by Cyndi Souder When I first heard about the Slow Stitching Movement, I thought, “Great. I have too much to do already and now they want me to SLOW DOWN?!” But once I read Mark’s thoughts on the Slow Stitching […]

Guest Blogger, Lucie Dutton, Sewed Thousands of Squares and Learned a Lesson in Slowing Down

A Slow Stitching Journey of 3,200 Paper-Pieced Squares Commemorate a British War Hero,  Helps Define Research, and the Consequences of Rushing to Finish by Lucie Dutton As a hand quilter by preference, it is inevitable that I sew slowly. One of my quilts can take over a year to complete if it is particularly complex. The thrills of […]

Guest Blogger and Designer, Mary Hoover, Reveals How Her Slow Stitching Life Keeps Her in the Present

A Slow Stitching Journey Focusing on the Enjoyment of the Process Without the Anticipation of Moving on to the Next Thing. by Mary Hoover, Fourth & Sixth Designs How you behave in one aspect of your life is evidence of how you behave in all aspects. That’s what I believe. The Slow Stitching Movement, for me, is a reflection of how […]

Guest Blogger: Bead & Fiber Artist, Teacher, and Slow Stitcher, Lisa Binkley, On Connecting with Ourselves and Others! PLUS Popular Designer, Karen Montgomery, Shares Slow Stitching on our Podcast!

Connecting through Slow Stitching by Lisa Binkley Back in my teens and early 20s I had sincere and romantic notions about a hand-made life. I excitedly awaited my post-college days and the joys of creating everything from baskets and candles to rugs, quilts, and fresh hot bread all by hand and on a regular basis. […]

Guest Blogger Lorri Lee Chambers Talks About Her Slow Stitching and Art Quilt Process

Any Creative Dream Can Be Yours if You Just Believe and Move Forward — If Only a Little at a Time. by Lorri Lee Chambers I have followed the path of Mr. Mark [Mark Lipinski] for a while and checked out his Slow Stitching Movement website and the Facebook page ( loved the story about the old man knitting […]

Guest Blogger and Veteran, David Martinez Finds Solace in Slow Stitching

An Injury Lead Me to Slow Stitching  by David Martinez I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran. The Marine Corps places a lot of importance on optimal physical condition and ability, so it can be a real blow to one’s self-esteem to become disabled as a result of military life. Both my physical issues and […]

Guest Blogger, Cheryl Arkison Shares How Slow Stitching Makes Her a Better Parent

How Slow Stitching Makes me a Better Parent By Cheryl Arkison I often say that having my first daughter allowed me to be who I really am. Yes, she made me a mother. But she also made me realize that to be the best mother, the best role model to her, I had to be […]

Guest Blogger, Kit Dunsmore, Wonders If Time Isn’t The Biggest Obstacle to Slow Stitching

The Biggest Problem With Slow Stitching Is The Time Involved.  Or Is It? By Kit Dunsmore There are plenty of benefits to slowing down and taking the time to make something by hand. The health benefits are physical and mental. Slow stitching lets me breathe naturally and to go at a comfortable pace. I can […]

Guest Blogger, Liz Kettle, Explains Her Wonderful Daily Stitch Meditations

Healing Stitch Meditations In Search of Nirvana? By Liz Kettle My transition from speed stitching to slow stitching wasn’t as much a single conscious decision as it was a series of tiny intuitive hits that pushed me toward what has become my Stitch Meditations. It all started just after my first book, Fabric Embellishing: the Basics and […]

Guest Blogger, Maggie Bonanomi, says “Slow Stitching is just what I want to do.”

  I AM Slow Stitching And it Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Stitching I’m Doing By Maggie Bonanomi For me, I can’t think of a better topic to address than Slow Stitching! We all move along so fast these days, if not fast, then in overload mode. Slow Stitching is just what I want to do, and what I […]