Home Sweet Home

It must have seemed like forever since I dropped out of sight and stopped posting on my blog. Well, it’s not your imagination; it has felt like forever – for me too. Many of you know (and for those who don’t), I spent the last 66 days tethered to an IV pole and a hospital […]

The Slow Stitching Movement Getaway: Autumn 2015

  The first Slow Stitching Movement Getaway was held at the Lambertville Inn in Lambertville, New Jersey in April.  It was a transformative experience for many of those who attended as well as a relaxing, reflective, and educational 4 days. There were 30 attendees and the Slow Stitching Movement Getaway sold out in a matter […]

Guest Blogger Fiber Artist and Author, Cyndi Sauder, and the Legacy Quilt

Fiber Artist  Cyndi Sauder, Her Legacy in Quilts, and a Slow Stitching Journey:   Slow Stitching and My Legacy Quilts by Cyndi Souder When I first heard about the Slow Stitching Movement, I thought, “Great. I have too much to do already and now they want me to SLOW DOWN?!” But once I read Mark’s thoughts on the Slow Stitching […]

Guest Blogger, Lucie Dutton, Sewed Thousands of Squares and Learned a Lesson in Slowing Down

A Slow Stitching Journey of 3,200 Paper-Pieced Squares Commemorate a British War Hero,  Helps Define Research, and the Consequences of Rushing to Finish by Lucie Dutton As a hand quilter by preference, it is inevitable that I sew slowly. One of my quilts can take over a year to complete if it is particularly complex. The thrills of […]

Upcoming Slow Stitching Movement Lectures, Classes, Webinars (TOMORROW), and Thank You’s

A Live Slow Stitching Movement Podcast A LIVE SLOW STITCHING WEBINAR TOMORROW April 14,  2015 Blogs  | Forums | Free Resources | Galleries |  Video | Topics | QA TV | Magazines | Shop Mark Lipinski has the prescription for better, more mindful quilting. Slow and Steady, Forget the Race Vivika Hansen DeNegre Editorial Director, Quilting Arts QuiltingDaily.com What do you get out of fiber and quilting arts? A pile of […]