For the last several months, Meg Cox, Liza Prior Lucy and I have been working on putting together an event to celebrate your creativity and how to enrich our lives and fiber art through The Slow Stitching Movement.  I can’t tell you how excited we are to invite you to  the first ever . . […]

Guest Blogger, Liz Kettle, Explains Her Wonderful Daily Stitch Meditations

Healing Stitch Meditations In Search of Nirvana? By Liz Kettle My transition from speed stitching to slow stitching wasn’t as much a single conscious decision as it was a series of tiny intuitive hits that pushed me toward what has become my Stitch Meditations. It all started just after my first book, Fabric Embellishing: the Basics and […]

Slow Stitching Means Setting Aside Time To Find Myself Somewhere In The Thread And Spread Myself Out On A Piece Of Fabric

  Slow Stitching to Express Myself as an Artist by Kelly Martinez I am not a pattern follower. There’s nothing wrong with being one! My husband is a pattern follower. I am not one, though. It’s not that following patterns isn’t good enough for me, just that it isn’t right for me. I think of […]