The Slow Stitching Movement Getaway: Autumn 2015

  The first Slow Stitching Movement Getaway was held at the Lambertville Inn in Lambertville, New Jersey in April.  It was a transformative experience for many of those who attended as well as a relaxing, reflective, and educational 4 days. There were 30 attendees and the Slow Stitching Movement Getaway sold out in a matter […]

Guest Blogger, Maggie Bonanomi, says “Slow Stitching is just what I want to do.”

  I AM Slow Stitching And it Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Stitching I’m Doing By Maggie Bonanomi For me, I can’t think of a better topic to address than Slow Stitching! We all move along so fast these days, if not fast, then in overload mode. Slow Stitching is just what I want to do, and what I […]

Letting go of Perfect and Jumping into Creative: 10 Tips for Busting Your Blocks

    I bet you thought you would never see the end of my series on perfection and how it plays complete havoc with your life (I know that I never thought I’d see the end of it!). Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you how there have been times I have […]

Your Daily Process Writing and Slow Stitching. A Response.

This note comes from Sally Maxwell.  Sally attended a Slow Stitching Movement lecture in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Sally wrote to me as she began her daily ‘process pages’ that she began writing.  Mark, I was a part of the audience for The Slow Stitching Movement presentation in Fredericksburg VA and began the writings that you suggested this morning.  As I started, […]