Guest Blogger, Meg Cox, Asks: “My Whole Life in One Quilt?”

My Whole Life in One Quilt? No Wonder I’m Confounded By Meg Cox I’ve been a believer in the slow stitching movement ever since Mark Lipinski started talking about it. Like most quilters, I’m usually making quilts for a deadline, not a legacy. But I do have ambitions to make bigger, more challenging quilts. I shy […]

Personality Traits That Signal Your Perfectionism is About to Spin Out of Control

Perfectionism, Creativity, and Slow Stitching  Personality Traits That Signal Your Perfectionism is About to Spin Out of Control   Your family and friends tease you about never finishing any of your creative projects. The members of your stitching groups and quilting guilds wonder why you never bring any of your work to share with the […]

American Quilt Retailer Nods to The Slow Stitching Movement

I have always been, and continue to be, a great fan of American Quilt Retailer magazine. The magazine is designed for “Helping the Creative Textile Retailer Improve Business Piece by Piece.”  Imagine my surprise to be leafing through the October 2014 issue to find a tip-of-the-hat to The Slow Stitching Movement  in Linda Turner Griepentrog’s Snippets […]

Your Daily Process Writing and Slow Stitching. A Response.

This note comes from Sally Maxwell.  Sally attended a Slow Stitching Movement lecture in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Sally wrote to me as she began her daily ‘process pages’ that she began writing.  Mark, I was a part of the audience for The Slow Stitching Movement presentation in Fredericksburg VA and began the writings that you suggested this morning.  As I started, […]

The Slow Stitching Movement is Now Available ON DEMAND!

  At long last, the much talked about, THE SLOW STITCHING MOVEMENT webinar, hosted by Mark Lipinski is now available. ON DEMAND, for downloading directly to your computer!   Just click on the link and follow the download directions at    This link will take you there directly: