Guest Blogger, Kit Dunsmore, Wonders If Time Isn’t The Biggest Obstacle to Slow Stitching

The Biggest Problem With Slow Stitching Is The Time Involved.  Or Is It? By Kit Dunsmore There are plenty of benefits to slowing down and taking the time to make something by hand. The health benefits are physical and mental. Slow stitching lets me breathe naturally and to go at a comfortable pace. I can […]

New Lynn Krawczyk Podcast! FREE Slow Stitching Movement Lecture! The Slow Stitching Movement Getaway!

A New Slow Stitching Podcast Surface designer, author (Intentional Printing: Simple Techniques for Inspired Fabric Art) , teacher, and fabric designer (“Inked” for Red Rooster Fabrics), Lynn Krawczyk, talks about her Slow Stitching Journey in a new podcast on The Slow Stitching Movement website. Find her podcast here: The Slow Stitching Movement Podcast’s are sponsored by Aurifil and   […]