Simper Tedium, What I Learned (and you can, too!)

THE OUTING One of the most  important recipes for your personal creative growth within The Slow Stitching Movement is allowing yourself time to play and run away for a few hours a week. It is impossible to sit home all day or, try as you might after a long day of work, to be truly creative and able to get […]

SLOW STITCH SUNDAY: 15+ Ways to Ditch Your Stitching Blocks, Find Inspiration & Enhance Your Creativity. PLUS . . . More Work on My Legacy Quilt!

How to Get Creative And Enhance Your Inspirational Experiences Mindful stitching is only one way to work this Slows Stitching Movement thing. There are so many other ways for you to get into touch with your surroundings and for your soul to become inspired. I mentioned in my last webinar that we human beings just need to […]

A Gift for my Mother. A Gift for Me.

The views and opinions expressed in this page by guest bloggers are strictly those of the blog author.   There will be no censorship of opinions by blog owner – OK, maybe a little. Who wants to be sued?   Let me introduce you . . .  Today’s Slow Stitching  guest blogger is quilter, poet, and artist, […]

Smashing Records! Slow Stitching Making a Difference!

ONCE AGAIN we’re breaking webinar records! The number of attendees for tomorrow’s The Slow Stitching Movement webinar attendance is again being broken! It seems like everybody is interested in “the new vision in quiltmaking,” offered in The Slow Stitching Movement webinar and it’s hitting a nerve in our collective creative psyche! TOMORROW Fons & Porter is hosting another […]

SLOW STITCH SUNDAY: What is Ethical Shopping, Why it Matters, How it Benefits You & More Blocks for my Legacy Quilt

One of the things I talked about during The Slow Stitching Movement webinar was an important aspect of The Slow Stitching Movement.  That is your role in ethical shopping. Everyone likes to think of themselves as being both ethical and moral, doing the best for their communities, their families, and trying to live their best life. I know […]