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Quilters Corner in Ithaca, New York Gives a Slow Stitching Movement Shout Out

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60 classes a year for new techniques and teaching quilting.  Caught in an age where everybody feels that they have to send their quilts out.  That’s OK. It’s fine.  But you shouldn’t have to send them out because you don’t know how to quilt your work and you have no other choice.  Imagine all of the slow stitching time that can be

Thank you Cyndi, Katie, and Linda!


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Slow in Print!


This is author, quilter, and quilt historian, Kyra Hicks, and Kyra just wrote a new book called, “Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries!

I received a review copy in the mail just the other day, which was a pleasant surprise.  It’s a fun book and every quilt guild,  patchwork bee, and individual quilter will be challenged by the questions in this book.  It’ll make you think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.   More surprising, however, is what’s on page 48!  Here’s a hint:

note final

Yup, my name was mentioned in the book along with The Slow Stitching Movement!  I was floored , touched and am so grateful!


Do you know a curious quilter? Or maybe you’re a curious quilter yourself. There is no book quite like Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries.

Whether you’re a modern quilter, art quilter, traditional quilter or storytelling quilter, this book of questions is for you! Packed with fun, insightful and thought-provoking questions, Quilters Questions features more than 300 open-ended queries that probe feelings and opinions across a broad range of quilting-related topics, including quilter identity, motivation, fabric obsession, sewing friends, quilt designs and much more.

Quilters Questions is a tremendous amount of fun for quilters of all ages and experience levels:
* Written by a quilter for quilters
* Easy to pick up, hard to put down
* Hours of endless fun
* Explores every aspect of quilting and a quilter’s life… even sex!
* Thought-provoking and light-hearted questions expertly mixed for a captivating read
* Ideal as an icebreaker or group activity for quilting guilds

What kind of curious questions can you expect?
* Would you accept $25,000 to stop quilting forever? What if the offer was only $2,000?
* Can you just look at a quilt and know a male quilter stitched it? How?
* Do you need one or two hands to count on your fingers the number of sewing machines you own?
* Would you consider sewing a hidden camera into a quilt to monitor someone? Why or why not?
* What would you put into a time capsule to commemorate your quilt making?
* What do you give the quilter who has everything?

Discover endless hours of fun with Quilters Questions, a one-of-a kind quilting quiz book!




We want you!

th-6We would love for you to share your creative process, thoughts, feelings and your place in

The Slow Stitching Movement

To arrange an guest blog spot email:

Or telephone: (908) 876-1208


Talk about Slow Stitching


Every creative stitcher has an opinion.  

Every creative stitcher is on their own unique journey.

Please share with the slow stitching community your personal slow journey, process, projects, thoughts, and opinions in a Slow Stitching Movement podcast.   

To schedule a podcast interview email:

Or telephone: (908) 876-1208


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