SLOW STITCH SUNDAY: 15+ Ways to Ditch Your Stitching Blocks, Find Inspiration & Enhance Your Creativity. PLUS . . . More Work on My Legacy Quilt!

How to Get Creative And Enhance Your Inspirational Experiences Mindful stitching is only one way to work this Slows Stitching Movement thing. There are so many other ways for you to get into touch with your surroundings and for your soul to become inspired. I mentioned in my last webinar that we human beings just need to […]

A Gift for my Mother. A Gift for Me.

The views and opinions expressed in this page by guest bloggers are strictly those of the blog author.   There will be no censorship of opinions by blog owner – OK, maybe a little. Who wants to be sued?   Let me introduce you . . .  Today’s Slow Stitching  guest blogger is quilter, poet, and artist, […]

I Dream About Confetti Dyeing

Please let me introduce you to today’s guest blogger, surface design artist, Carol R. Eaton. Carol is  a surface design artist creating original, one-of-a-kind fabrics. She incorporates unusual techniques such as dyeing with ice, manipulating fiber reactive dyes, and the use of decolorants. She is an ardent observer of her surroundings always ready for the unexpected color or element to catch her eye […]