A Little Slow Housekeeping . . .

 A Slow Stitching Calendar

In trying to keep The Slow Stitching Movement website relevant and helpful to you, I have added an active calendar to the website (check it out on the www.slowstitching.com homepage). I’m not sure I’m really loving the calendar format I’m using even though I’ve searched high and low, and am looking for something that works for all of us, is easy to read and maneuver.

So there are two things that I’m going to be asking for your help with …

  • If any of you knows of a calendar program for a really user-friendly events calendar, could you please forward the information to me at slowstitching@slowstitching.com.


  • If your quilting guild, EGA chapter, rug hooking group, knitting or crochet Stitch n Bitch group, or any other of your local needle arts organizations or groups, are planning a show, or class, or event, please send me an email with the information and website links to slowstitching@slowstitching.com and I will post the information in the events calendar.

Also, If any of you are planning to teach a slow stitch in type class, or give a Slow Stitching themed lecture etc., please send that information, too, and I will post your class schedule.


A New Webinar to Support The Slow Stitching Movement

A Slow Stitching Movement Webinar for Knitters, Crocheters, and Needle Artists will air LIVE on November 11.


Click on the link to register: http://www.interweavestore.com/mark-lipinski-presents-the-slow-stitching-movement-for-knitting-crochet-and-needlework


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