Now is the time . . .

Please sign up today for your space in the LIVE Slow Stitching webinar THIS EVENING! 
Can’t make it for the live webinar? Sign up anyway! You’ll receive the recording of the webinar in a couple of days and get all the benefits–including the Q&A–plus watch it over and over again, any time you like.

Click here:



2 thoughts on “Now is the time . . .

  1. Slowing down is something I need to embrace. I approach my stash with a must produce attitude. I use this as justification for collecting more fabric. The concepts behind Slow Stitching may be just what I need to get my manic self under control. I look forward to reading more and move from being a quilter to being a fiber artist.

  2. Mark, Six months ago I finally realized that my high blood pressure drops as soon as I cross the threshold to my sewing room…but for some reason I was still feeling self driven pressure to produce. For heavens sake, I took five quilts to my longarmer last time… I loved the webinar and the concept! I am too out of shape to get up off the floor after meditating so sign me up for slow stitching and slow aging! (BTW…love ya cupcake. Can’t wait to see your masterpiece!

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